Discordianism as a Faith

One sunny day, while talking to a friend, I half-jokingly (which is how enlightened Discordians should behave anyway (yes, should, I'm an Episkopos and I'm therefore authorized by the Goddess Eris herself to say whatever the fuck I want)) associated myself with Taoists, to which his surprised, nay, amused reaction was, “I thought you were a Discordian”.

It took me some time to understand that Eris smiled to me that day and I, without realizing it, manifested a very important Discordian principle, and to formulate that principle as one of the bylaws of the Pineal Gland Communications Corporation: A True Discordian™ should be able to change his religion at the drop of a hat (of course, you're only bound by this law if you belong to my Cabal; otherwise, you are encouraged to disregard the opinions stated on this web page completely, as per the Fifth Commandment of the Pentabarf). Which is not to say that you should be gullible to the point that anybody can persuade you to change beliefs — to the contrary, you should consciously control them and only change them when you deem it necessary, or beneficial, or just worth a laugh. And if I sound like a cross between a Chaos Magician and a follower of Anton LaVey, so be it.

May Cthulhu put twinkles in your eyes.

[(K) Rev. Episkopos Abou-Jesus, 2003-05-23]

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