Listar with Exim

Exim setup

I didn't want to make Listar suid, because I don't like suid binaries hanging around the filesystem. The obvious choice was to create an alias file /etc/aliases.listar to supplement /etc/aliases. The following director was added to the exim configure file, right after the system_aliases director:

# Listar mailing lists

  driver = aliasfile
  file = /etc/aliases.listar
  search_type = dbm
  user = listar
  owners = root
  errors_to = listar-owner

The alias file

The Listar alias file is built as dbm. For simplicity of maintainance, the lists file is read by newaliases.listar script whose output is piped to exim_dbmbuild with the following command:

/home/listar/scripts/newaliases.listar | exim_dbmbuild - /etc/aliases.listar
This way, dbm version of /etc/aliases.listar is created. Alternatively, a plain (lsearch) alias file can be created, if you redirect the output of the script to /etc/aliases.listar instead of piping it.

The alias listar-owner is defined in /etc/aliases, so in case of error in the Listar alias file, the owner will be reachable. The alias listar is created automatically by the Listar newaliases script and is written in /etc/aliases.listar, because Listar must run under its own UID.

Vadik / / Last updated: 1999-05-18