Discordianism. This time it's serious.


Welcome to my madness. It's not my personal madness, but it is, so to say, my madness of choise.

Temple of Eris

During the early days of my illumination I used to visit the Temple of Eris and scrutinize the teachings of St. Marc the Perpetually Amused, looking for wisdom which wasn't there. Much later, as a renowned Episkopos myself, I attempted another piligrimage to the temple, but, tragic as it was, ruins were all I could find at the former Holy Site. With the help of the Internet Archive I managed to rebuild most of the Temple, but some Holy Works, such as the Parable and some Religious Imagery, were lost in the Mists of Time. No change to the scriptures was made, except stripping the tags that the Archive put there; none of the many factual, philosophical and logical errors were corrected. The site will stay here, in this frozen state, until St. Marc comes and breathes the life back into it.

So here it is: the Temple of Eris, Remix.

Discordianism elsewhere

No Discordian page is complete without a collection of links. If you just want to know what Discordianism is all about, there's a short and inaccurate, but still insightful overview appropriately entitled discordianism: a religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion. If you're still interested, just read Principia Discordia, The Book Which Started It All, Including Gratuitous Overuse Of Capital Letters, and then read the introductions (which are, in a way, misleading).

Principia Discordia

Principia Discordia

Other stuff


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