Greyface Wants You!

(Eris wants you Happy.)

Long ago, a "malcontented hunchbrain" named Greyface laid a very bad trip on the whole human race. He postulated that since the Universe looks orderly at first glance, that it must be orderly, and therefore Disorder was a Bad Thing. He and his disciples, who have evolved into the Orders of Discordia, enforce Order, and especially Destructive Order, on woeful mankind. This intense worship of Order, fear of contrary Orders, and hatred of Disorder leads to a rejection of Order and Disorder's Child, Creativity, and an encouragement of Her Sister, Destruction. The unhappiness caused by this state of affairs is known as The Curse of Greyface.

While unlike Satan, Greyface doesn't directly encourage sin, he and his disciples cause a lot of the depression, frustration, and outright insanity that causes people to commit sins. The Orders of Discordia then come down like a ton of five-sided bricks on the sinner, demonstrating that, if anything, Greyface is meaner than Satan, who at least pays off with worldly power and the occasional hot babe. Greyface is, under one fairly consistent definition, evil, even if he does not encourage sin.

Eris revealed Herself to Malaclypse the Younger and Lord Omar Khayaam Ravenhurst to help them help us revoke the Curse of Greyface. By teaching them of Herself, the Sacred Chao, and the Eristic Principle, she caused them to commit the Principia Discordia upon an unsuspecting world and to found Discordianism, the world's first true True Religion.

By availing one's self of the Golden Secret, anyone, except maybe George Bush (either one) can overcome the Curse of Greyface and come to know the grace of Our Lady of Confusion.

If you read nothing else on this website, read this. And then toss me off a quick email explaining how you found it without reading anything else on this website. There could be a Doctorate of Divinity Fudge in it for you.

Hail Eris!

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Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!